Municipal Information

Board of Alderman meet on the third Tuesday of each month at City Hall and begins at 6:30 p.m.

City Maps are available in City Hall.

Park Reservations of Shelter Houses, Pavilion, etc. need to be made at City Hall

The City has burning laws. Please get a copy of the Ordinance at City Hall.

Water service requires a $100.00 deposit for other than property owner customers.

Dog Tags are required! Vaccination slip from Vet is required at time of Tag purchase. Tags are $5.00 per year. June 1st thru May 31st. WE HAVE A LEASH LAW!

Scan/ Email Service $1.00 at City Hall.

Photo Copies .25 cents per page, Colored copies are .50 cents per page.

City Taxes are collected at the Henry County Courthouse.

Urich Cemetery Plot Purchases.

Trash Service is NOT provided.

The 1st Monday of each month at Noon the Tornado Siren is tested.

The City has Building Codes, please contact City Hall for permit requirements.

City Stickers required for UTV's and Golf Carts on City Streets $15.00